Moodboard and finder app for
visual thinkers, pinterest hunters,
researchers & designers

Fashion Designer
Why did you create this?

We at love native MacOS finder app for organizing, collecting, tagging and previeving inspiration and references when working on our projects. However, we felt like browsing throught the images can be quite inconvenient. That’s what this app is trying to solve, while still using native Mac file system. You choose where your files are stored, and simply use the app for bookmarking and previewing those folders in more visual way.

How can i share feedback?

You can send us an email at with any feedback, feature request or just to say hi. Your feedback is extremely valuable, especially while we’re still in beta. If you’ve requested beta access, please hang on tight. We’re slowly adding more users, while validating and improving the app.

What are your future plans?

We’re dedicated to continue development of this app, currently it’s our side-projects, and we would like to keep the app very light weight and to the point. One aspect to improve is more native support with existing design and research tools out there, as well as better support with web browsers. While we currently support only MacOS, Windows is a possibility in future.